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Jimmy Recommends – August ’16

Jimmy Recommends August Favorites 2016

Music of the Month

Song: Bleeding Heart – Regina Spektor
Since this song came out one and a half weeks ago, I’ve been playing it up and down. I also wrote an entire post about the new album that’s coming out soon. But since Regina deserves all the attentions she can get, I’m making her lead single my Song of the Month. Look-y (or listen-y) here:

Album: Hold My Home – Cold War Kids
I’ve only recently gotten to check out this album, even though it came out last year. But I’ve been loving it ever since. You might know this band from their 2006 effort Robbers & Cowards with all its rough honesty and heart-wrenching lyrics like this stanza about dying war veterans from Hospital Beds:

I got one friend laying across from me
I did not choose him, he did not choose me
We’ve got no chance of recovery
Sharing hospital joy and misery

Their newest record, however, is much more polished and wholistic, First being the most memorable song out of the bunch.

Artist: Fallulah
This Danish singer who somewhat resembles Lykke Li in style, had to put out three amazing albums before I discovered her and will probably need another one to finally enter the mainstream. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy songs like Superfishyality that seems to alternately celebrate and bemoan the loneliness of the city and could pass as decent poetry, or the powerfully repetitive Bridges, in which she sings:

If I stand still, like a shark I’ll die

And while it’s an almost overused lyric by now, in the context of the song it just works. If you’re not convinced yet, just give her a listen and I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

 Entertainment of the Month

Book: The Man in the High Castle – Philip K. Dick

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if Hitler had won WWII? If P. K. Dick is to be believed, pretty horrific. In this dystopian alternate history novel, nothing is as it seems and nothing is as you know it. It will leave you in joy how things turned out but at the same time fearing what could have been – and what still could be. This book is a masterpiece in my book!

Series: The Man in the High Castle

Amazon has joined the streaming game a while back, but could only establish itself as a serious contester with its recent original programming. The aforementioned novel was used as inspiration for a series of the same name. While there are some distinct differences, the adaptation assumes the uneasy atmosphere of the original and keeps the story interesting throughout. Amazon was rewarded with four Emmy nominations and you’re awarded with the possibility to watch this intriguing show for free if you use Prime.

Movie: Victoria (2015)

Shot in a single, very long take, Victoria is an outstanding feat of cinematography. Although it seems impossible, you quickly forget that there are no cuts and are mesmerized by the intriguing story with its authentic characters, depicting life the way it really is. Watching it, I felt like I was part of the action and could really connect with the protagonist. The plot, while simple and obviously very linear, is well-executed and leaves you biting your fingernails toward the end. All in all a movie I can definitely recommend.

Internet Contributions of the Month

Website: RedBubble

I hate when I see other people wearing clothes I own – makes you feel so “unspecial.” RedBubble is perfect to avoid this feeling, because there are so many different designs to explore that chances are pretty slim anyone else you’ll ever meet has the exact shirt on you chose from the endless list of possibilities. You can choose more generic prints or look for that one specific reference from that one obscure TV show and you’ll find something either way. Bonus points: I have a little shop set up over there, as well.

Infographic: Spelling can be hard sometimes, especially if English is not your first language. Consult this helpful infographic whenever your you’re in doubt:

20 Writing Mistakes Even Native Speakers Make (Infographic)

YouTube Video: 2veritasium – The Distraction Economy

Let’s be honest: Shouldn’t you be doing something else right now? Homework, chores, work,…? Instead, you’re using the Internet to distract yourself. And you probably do it all the time. Derek from YouTube channel Veritasium and 2veritasium has the same problem. In this video he talks about productivity and procrastination, as well as the value of information in your life. It’s an interesting take on an issue that affects most people in some way or another, you included, so watch this and close your browser afterwards:

What are YOUR favorite things right now? Tell me in the comments below! And be sure to come back for next month’s “Jimmy Recommends!”