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July 22, 2016
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10 Maps – Europe in a New Light

Colorful Map of Europe

It’s that time of the month again, folks! But don’t worry, I won’t be attracting bears, I’m talking about my monthly series “10 Maps,” where I showcase interesting data in the form of… you guessed it: maps.

We’ve got a great bunch this time around and you’re in luck: Technically, you can find 14 maps in this post. So let’s get right to the first one, because it’s about time:

Map of European Time Zones Europe

via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA

Time Zones

All right, I shouldn’t make dad jokes, because I don’t have children.
What I find interesting about this map, however, is that you can clearly see that Spain on the bottom left should definitely switch over to Greenwich Mean Time, which is conveniently colored in green here. And they’ve been talking about it, too, it’s just that stock brokers like not having to convert time zones in their head. As always, money talks.

Top Export Goods by Country 2015 Europe

Export Goods

Speaking of money, exporting certain goods makes up a big chunk of their wealth for a lot of European countries in this globalized economy. As we can see in this map, our good old friend petroleum, be it crude or refined, is the most important product for much of Europe. Of course, cars are a big driver of the economy as well. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But we do have some interesting outliers here, with Macedonia apparently watching too much Breaking Bad and Bosnia and Herzegovina really enjoying to sit. Meanwhile, Poland and Switzerland go to great lengths to reinforce stereotypes about car thieves and nazi gold, respectively.

Map of Europe Pokémon Go officially released

Pokémon No-Go

With everyone talking about the AR smartphone game, it’s interesting to see where it has officially landed and which countries are not so lucky. As you can see, it’s mostly Balkan states that don’t have the game yet, but the largest country on Earth is also not allowed to catch them Pokeymans.

EU Membership Map Europe

United (Continental) Europe

I was pretty generous with this map, seeing as Iceland and Norway don’t really want to join at the moment, but it does illustrate very nicely how lonely the people of England and Wales are with their decision to exit the Union. If we’re being honest, though, while it’s becoming less realistic by the minute that Turkey ever joins the EU, it’s also becoming more realistic that the United Kingdom stay in. But I guess we’ll see sooner or later.

Number of Refugees in Europe Map 2015


As we all know, the European refugee crisis is on everyone’s mind. And yeah, sure, Sweden does harbor a few more refugees than its neighbors, but looking at this map, however, one has to wonder why it isn’t Lebanon or Jordan we’re focussing on helping. Oh right, it’s because they’re not us. Sorry.

Map of Europe in 1914

via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA

History is a Mystery

Everyone’s complaining about Europe’s dire situation, with the aforementioned refugee crisis and the financial problems and the Brexit and all, but let’s be realistic here: 100 years ago, the continent was in utter chaos, with the worst war it had ever seen, raging before everyone’s doorstep. This map, showing what Europe looked like right before WWI, puts into perspective how much the world has changed in the last century. Of course, Switzerland looks the same.

Map of Europe number of Nobel Prize Winners 2016

Smart Thinking

If you’ve ever wondered which of the European countries is the smartest, here is your answer. At least according to the Nobel Prize committees, that give out six different medals each year, the United Kingdom ist the noblest, followed by Germany. And then there’s a huge gap that’s only interrupted by France’s 61 laureates. Way to hoard all the gold, you three!

Map of Europe number of times country is mentioned by name in the Wikipedia Article about the USA

Notice me, Senpai

Now that we’ve looked at Europe’s economy, humanitarianism, and scientific accomplishments, let’s talk about what’s really important: how much the United States cares about us. Since this is pretty hard to measure, I decided to count how many times each European country is mentioned by name in the Wikipedia article about the good old USA. While most of us don’t even get so much as a sympathy plug (ahem), it’s the States’ eternal frienemy Great Britain they really like to talk about. But be assured that the top spot would’ve belonged to the Soviet Union if it were still a country!

Number of Oscars and Nominations Best Foreign Language Film Movie Academy Award Map of Europe 2016

Movie Time

Another important measure of a country’s relevance is how many Oscars it has won. The UK isn’t really allowed to play in this game, of course, because they don’t usually make foreign language films as the Academy demands. But who likes them anyway, right? What this map ultimately teaches us, however, is that Belgium is the Leonardo DiCaprio of Europe. Although that reference is outdated by now.

2016 Europe Maps of Locations of Beyoncé Knowles, Kanye West, Madonna, and Michael Jackson Concerts

Music Matters

For this collage, I took some of the most successful artists in human history and analyzed where in Europe they have not given concerts yet. Minus the “yet” in the case of Michael Jackson 🙁
From the looks of it, Kanye West, self-proclaimed “greatest artist of the world,” still has a lot to do in the future, although Madonna probably can’t ever be caught up with, anyway.

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