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What Fukushima Looks Like Today
July 12, 2016
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July 22, 2016

12 Amazing Designs for You to Wear & Carry Around

Jimmy's Book Designs RedBubble

I’m a businessman. Like Donald Trump, one could argue. (Of course they shouldn’t, because last time him and me paired up, horrible things happened.) Don’t worry, though; I’m not gonna scam you into attending a phony university and you definitely don’t have to vote for me come November just because I’m rich. (Unless I am rich by then, in which case I will join Kanye West’s ticket in 2020.)

Anywho… Like I said, I’m a businessman – but I’m also an artist. That’s why I decided to combine these two seemingly incompatible ventures and spent the last week working on the following twelve designs. I have now put them up on RedBubble, where you can have them printed on clothes, bags, smartphone covers, notebooks, and much more. If you like any of them, feel free to click the link and order one. Or three. So, without further ado, here is my art – for all the world to see (and buy):

Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs flags flag europe usa us america united states eu european union

Grunge-y Flag Hearts

With these heart-shaped flags, that currently come in five different varieties and can be printed on clothes or stickers, you can be patriotic and stylish at the same time. Available banners include the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and the European Union. The last one comes in especially handy for people who want to subtly express their opposition to the Brexit. Just sayin’. Or click here to browse them all.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs greendale community college tv show jeff abed britta shirley troy pierce annie

Greendale Community College Merch

If you haven’t watched and double-rewatched all of Community‘s six seasons (give or take the fourth season…), you’ve missed out on all the fun. I’ve talked about them before, but the students of Greendale Community College are hilarious, witty, and worth appropriate merchandise. I, for one, recommend this simple lettering in the school colors that will make you feel like you’re one of them. We’ve got everything from clothes and bags to laptop skins and notebooks at your disposal right here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs arrested development her? ann egg hillary clinton presidential election 2016 president prison donald trump bernie sanders

Arrested Development + Hillary Clinton = Anti-Campaign Logo

Speaking of clever TV shows, Arrested Development, one of my all-time favorites, also deserves some love. In the series, there’s a running gag about one character’s plain-looking, boring girlfriend and the fact that his father can’t stand her. Instead of Ann, he calls her “egg,” or more often “her?” Paired up with the campaign logo of unloved Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, this design enables you to express your utter and sincere indifference toward the soon to be first female president. I mean… you also wanted Bernie, right? – Then get your anti-merch here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs pokémon pokéball pokéheart heart pokemon go

Pokémon in Your Heart

With the AR smartphone game Pokémon Go on everyone’s mind, I took the liberty of also putting the iconic Pokéball design on everyone’s heart. Get the simple shirt on the left, if you like to play solo, or get the pattern one on the right if you’re a group gamer. Either way, don’t miss the opportunity to promote Pokélove! You can get anything from clothes and journals to bed covers and throw pillows right here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs clone club orphan black sarah beth helena alison cosima rachel krystal veera mk

Orphan Black Clone Club

My favorite show currently on TV, Orphan Black, gets too little attention in my book. An Emmy nomination for the amazing acting artist Tatiana Maslany is great, but I decided to enrich the OB merchandise world with this DNA strand-inspired design containing the names of all important characters on the show. Wear it on your shirt or carry it on your notebooks to let everyone know you’re part of “Clone Club.” And when they ask where to get this stuff, send them here! (White on black also available.)


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs ok google now let's get information beyoncé knowles formation lemonade

Beyoncé-Styled Android Love

This one came to me randomly, but in hindsight it was a flash of genius. You might know Beyoncés first single Formation to her 2016 album Lemonade. In it, she sings “OK Ladies, now let’s get in formation,” which led a lot of people to believe she was looking for intelligence on… hot sauce, perhaps? Well, with this simplistic white on black design, inspired by Beyoncés official merchandise, you can both acknowledge the song and give OK Google (Android’s answer to Siri for all you appleheads) a shoutout. Nerds, Techies, Android fanpeople and Beyhivers unite! And meet here. (Or here, if you want inverted colors.)


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs arrested development there's always money in the banana stand george bluth

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

As if one Arrested Development-style design wasn’t enough (which it obviously isn’t), I also shirtified one of the most iconic quotes from the show. George Bluth, construction magnate and prison inmate, wasn’t joking when he told his son there was money in the banana stand. As is typical for this show of misunderstandings and mishaps, Michael, in a fit of rage, unfortunately decided to burn the yellow joint to the ground. And with it all the money. Fortunately, you still have your money, which is why you should trade it in for a shirt or a smartphone cover here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs colorful beautiful butterflies fly rainbow colors colourful colours

Colorful Butterfly Party

Rainbows and butterflies might be a little cheesy by themselves, but together they can do wonderful things, as can be seen in the image above. Celebrate the summer with this simple, yet psychedelic design and reap all the sweet, sweet nectar in the form of endless compliments from total strangers. You can find products with the most beautiful insects on them at my RedBubble shop.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs the animals orange is the new black regina spektor you've got time

Orange Is the New Black in a Nutshell

The theme song from another great Netflix show, Orange Is the New Black, is not only catchy, it’s also by my favorite singer Regina Spektor. The series itself, which is set in a female prison facility, is great, too, as one can expect from Netflix, so it only made sense for me to include a OITNB-themed design in this list. The first thing you hear when you start an episode are the four words you can see above – followed by “trapped, trapped, trapped till the cage is full.” But don’t get Regina wrong; she’s not trying to shame prisoners. The lyrics are cynical and provocative to criticize the system currently in place. Help her raise awareness by getting a shirt or a bag right here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs drawing world draw globe artist environment blue marble

Heal the World With Art

Speaking of awareness, our planet’s one thing we should thinking about at all times. After all, every single human who has ever existed, from Aristotle to Washington to Einstein, has lived and died on its surface. I don’t think it’s asking for too much to try to conserve our environment. With this artistic design on your chest or wall, you can let the world know that she’s important to you. Important enough to spend some money right here.


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs regina spektor après moi le déluge after me comes the flood

Après Moi le Déluge

You might have noticed that I love Regina Spektor. Which means that there’s not just one design in my RedBubble Shop to celebrate her wonderful mind – there are four. Two of them, you can see in the image above. They’re both very similar and reference Regina’s song “Après Moi,” a dark piano ballad quoting King Louis XV’s boyfriend (!). I like the ambiguously arrogant connotation the phrase has and for all of you who don’t speak French, I also included the English translation in the second line, which is part of Regina’s lyrics anyway. So pick whichever design of the two you like better, but do pick: Left or right?


Jimmy's Book RedBubble Designs logo

Jimmy’s Book Merchandise ♥

And last, but everything other than least, I present to you my first own merchandise article! From now on, you don’t have to secretly love my blog anymore just because you’re too shy to talk to people about it, because you can let people know without saying a single word by buying one of these shirts. Or, even better, get an actual, physical Jimmy’s Book. So many possibilities, so much style. Get your merch here.

That’s it for now, although I’m planning to stock up on many more awesome designs in the future. While you’re waiting for my next post on the topic, you can browse Jimmy’s Book’s RedBubble Shop here, where you can find all of the above designs, plus a couple of bonus artwork, including a How I Met Your Mother-themed one and the fourth Regina Spektor design.

Let me know which of the designs you’re gonna get yourself in the comments below!