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Jimmy Recommends – June ’16

Jimmy Recommends: June Favorites 2016

Music of the Month

Song: Say Yay! – Barei
Spain’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest did not fare too well at the finale. But I don’t agree with my continent. It’s the perfect easy-going, up-beat summer hit and I hope I hear it played more often, for example right here, right now:

Album: The Family Jewels – Marina and the Diamonds
For me, it’s not always just about the newest music. In fact, I appreciate records for their longevity, their qualitative persistency – the amounts of times I can listen to it without having to throw up. Marina and the Diamonds has long been one of my favorite artists, reeling me in with the heartfelt existentialism of Electra Heart, the friskiness of Froot. But it’s not often that a debut album is as outstanding as The Family Jewels. The fact that not a single song on it is about love or romance is an added bonus for me in a world where music is only about sex, relationships, and longing for a lover anymore. This album is six years old, yes. But it feels as good as new and still surprises me with its ingenuity sometimes. Definitely worth a listen. Or hundreds of ’em.

Artist: Sia
This is woman is a musical mastermind. She probably wrote your favorite song, be sure to check. Composing for superstars such as Beyoncé, Adele, and Rihanna – who have all put out new music this year – she’s pretty much the artist of the decade. But it doesn’t stop at songwriting: since 1997, she’s released seven studio albums, five live albums, thirty-four singles (including eleven as a featured artist), and fifteen music videos. She’s incredible. And I love her music. Apart from well-known records 1000 Forms of Fear and This Is Acting, you should check out the more alternative Some People Have Real Problems. Plus, this hilarious video:

 Entertainment of the Month

Book: Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside – Frank Lesser
This little collection of shorts is funny, endearing, and clever. While vampires, werewolves, and witches are usually portrayed as heartless… well, monsters, in popular fiction, Lesser paints a surprisingly amusing picture of depressed, frustrated, and deeply troubled abominations who just want someone to love. Or at least to eat.

Movie: Coherence (2013)
I gotta warn you: this film is super confusing. But it’s still worth watching. Which you might have to do more than once to be able to really appreciate all the little details the director put in there. The actors, a group of little-known indie performers, went into filming, not knowing what the movie was even about. A dinner party quickly deteriorates into a highly philosophical rollercoaster ride for the audience and leaves everyone involved with lots of questions, even you watching. But it’s the good kind of confusion; the one that makes you want to read online discussions and think about it all night while laying in bed. Be attentive during this movie and you will thoroughly rewarded.

TV Show: Community
This is one of those shows the internet loves, like Arrested Development or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you’ve ever seen #SixSeasonsAndAMovie on Twitter, read the phrase “donde esta la biblioteca?” or heard someone yell “HA! GAYY!”, you’ve come in contact with Community fans. But this show has done so much more than just spawn hashtags and memes; it’s well-written, quick-witted, and revolutionarily hilarious. If the pilot doesn’t convince you (the first time around I didn’t like it as much as during rewatches), the amazing Remedial Chaos Theory (S3E03) will definitely do the job. If you liked my Movie of the Month (see above), this episode is like its funny cousin.

Internet Contributions of the Month

Subreddit: r/MapPorn
If you don’t know what Reddit is, get out of here. And by that I mean: Visit the website and study it closely; it might change your life. Once we’re on the same page (literally I guess), subscribe to the Subreddit MapPorn. I find geography already pretty fascinating, but there you’ll find maps coupled with interesting data on everything from politics to pop culture, history to hearsay. You’ll spend way too much time there, I promise.

Website: StumbleUpon
Sign up for this site and you’ll probably never need to visit another of my Websites of the Month ever again. Aside from Reddit, no other place on the Internet will send you to other sites as much as this one, while still keeping you coming back for more. And more. And more. Sometimes hours on end. So be sure to clear your schedule and take some bread crumbs with you, before you click the link.

YouTube Video: CGP Grey: You Are Two
If you like YouTube’s educational side as much as me (no, it’s not all cat videos), you will definitely appreciate CGP Grey’s channel. Since he unfortunately, but understandably doesn’t post too many videos, each of his is pretty much a Video of the (respective) Month, so this is it for June (He’s better than me at explaining what this is about):

What are YOUR favorite things right now? Tell me in the comments below! And be sure to come back for next month’s “Jimmy Recommends!”