Palm tree plaza in Barcelona
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April 30, 2016
Salt with a skull drawn into it. As if sodium were poisonous or something.
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May 9, 2016

Jimmy Recommends – May ’16

May Favorites – Jimmy Recommends

Music of the Month

Song: Dance Off – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Idris Elba
At first I wasn’t convinced. Another goofy Thrift-Shop-like Macklemore/Lewis song? But after listening to it a couple of times and realizing that it’s the long-needed theme song for any situation in which two parties have to handle a dispute by competitive dancing. That’s just a sensible piece of ‘art’, you know?

Album: Vessel – Twenty One Pilots
Let’s go back in time to January 2013. When the world had just bounced back from the 2012 apocalypse-craze and there was still HOPE for a better future for the U.S. Back then, TOP wasn’t as well-known as they are now, even though they’d just released a masterpiece. Everyone’s talking about their newest effort Blurryface (which is also great, don’t get me wrong), so I thought I’d promote another of their works. They deserve it.

Artist: Gwen Stefani
If your mind jumped straight to B-A-N-A-N-A-S, think again. Gwen Stefani recently put out a new album called This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Let me just say that the definitely truth sounds great. My favorite song off the record is Naughty, which does in fact bring us back to the fruity refrain of Hollaback Girl, because they’re somewhat alike. The song Baby Don’t Lie didn’t make it on the new album, but it’s still pretty catchy, just like a lot of her older stuff (which you should check out). Another reason why she’s my personal inspiration of the month is… no, first guess her age. I’m serious: Without Googling, how old do you think she is judging from this randomly chosen recent picture? You will be wrong. I’ll put the answer at the very end of this post. You’ll know why I’m inspired.
Also: If you didn’t realize that she’s part of rock band No Doubt, then I have only one thing to say to you: Hellooouuu!?

 Entertainment of the Month

Book: Writing Tools – Roy Peter Clark
I randomly bought a copy of this book in the New York Public Library Main Branch during my trip to Nthe city. I was pretty bummed that the Harry Potter style Rose Main Reading Room was under construction at that time, but it made me roam the gift shop. It was almost like fate when I saw that little green book and was overcome by the urge to get it. So I did. And it was the best thing I did on that whole trip (to be fair I had some pretty bad ideas over there). If you’re an aspiring journalist or author – or even if you just want to improve your skills to write better essays, this is the right book for you. Clark is witty, skilled, humorous, and entertaining. His work is all that – and much more.

Movie: Thank You for Smoking (2005)
Lobbying is not a particularly sexy topic. And neither are cigarettes. But this movie manages to educate about both things while simultaneously being immensely entertaining and funny. And a little provoking, perhaps. A clever comedy definitely worth watching.

TV Show: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This Netflix Original just recently got a second season, but the first one is basically a stand-alone masterpiece. It’s outrageously hilarious, charmingly ridiculous, and subtly socio-critical. Go watch it.

Internet Contributions of the Month

Twitter Handle: @NASA
If you’re excited about rocket science and space travel, you should think about following them. It’s free, it’s interesting, it’s educational, it’s trendy (?)… what are you waiting for?

Website: Wusoup
Looking for new friends can be a difficult endeavor. “Social” networks like Facebook, where you only become friends with people you already know, aren’t all that social when you start to think about it. Fortunately, this site closes the gap: On it, you can find random strangers with similar interests and turn them into acquaintances, and eventually perhaps even friends. The sign-up process is pretty entertaining and it’s completely free of charge and free of advertisements.

YouTube Video: Game Theory: My Reaction to the Fine Bros React World Controversy
Continuing last week’s streak of sharing YouTube videos about YouTube itself, this contribution talks not only about the React World Controversy sparked by the FineBros channel, but also about the future of the video sharing site as well as how creators should handle all the changes they can’t stop from coming. Insightful as always, ‘MatPat’ quick-wittedly takes apart the topic at hand, all while cracking jokes, going on tangents, and acting like it has something to do with gaming. Watch away:

Now that you’ve made it to the end: Gwen Stefani is 46 years old. I’m not kidding. I would’ve said she’s like 30, I mean… how does she do it?!?

What are YOUR favorite things right now? Tell me in the comments below! And be sure to come back for next month’s “Jimmy Recommends!”